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On this third edition of UTAM, we will address even more strongly our core pillars i.e. CULTURE, CONSERVATION and COMMUNITY. 

Almost every community already has artists. Often, though, this readily available resource is untapped and underdeveloped. Communities need better tools to help them find and collaborate with artists, while artists need not just an invitation but a charge to engage with their communities We invite artists, patrons, sponsors and everyone in society to own the festival and adopt the initiative. The goal shall always be to share and strengthen our sense of community and play a key role in the safeguard of our environmental and our cultural heritage.
For this reason, we shall have an OPEN STAGE System to bring art as close to the community as possible. We shall have 2 stages, a MAIN STAGE and The Acoustic Stage running simultaneously on two locations within NCBD. Suggestion, Mini stage at Tom Mboya Statue, Main stage at the SUNKEN CAR PARK. ·

  • The mini stage shall be serviced with 2 Vocal Mics, 2 instrument Mics, 2 Instrument cables and a 2m2 one-foot-high raised stage. Open for multiple short time showcase. Typical Street Busking set up. Anyone can get on and Registration will be on site.
  • The Main stage will have a heavier P.A System, Backline, Lights, backstage tent etc. Registration for main stage is ongoing online on the Festivals Homepage.


  • Artists who wish to showcase on the main stage will have to state in their application how their performance addresses any or all three pillars of the Festival i.e. (CULTURE CONSERVATION COMMUNITY)
  • The festival is seeking endorsements and support from Media, Sponsors in kind and in Cash including waivers from the county government, partnerships with like minded organisations i.e. COUNTY GOVT OF NRB, KECOBO, PRSK, MPAKE, KWS etc to run the event.
  • In the event we are able to raise artist fees through these efforts of persistent search for support, Artists will receive a modest appreciation shared equally from the collected sum as PER DIEM. In the meantime we have taken measures to ensure that artist still benefit in the ways below.....

Artists will benefit in the following ways:

1. High quality photos, video and audio of their live performance for their portfolio
2. interviews, and media interaction
3.promotion on the homepage i.e. your image and links will still be on the homepage even after the festival for a year so you can still be contacted by fans who loved your showcase and would like to reach you.
4. Automatic membership to the UTAM ALUMNI this means they have priority in our network for workshops, projects, collaborations and artist residencies.
5.The festival will provide lunch stage water and transport fee of 1000 KES to artistes that are confirmed to showcase on main stage.

  • The artist selection process is entirely based on the festivals requirements and consent to festival terms and conditions. Call for artists ongoing on the homepage.
  • Artists showcasing on the main stage will sign a consent form stating that they understand and are aware that their showcase is not for profit but rather as a contribution towards a community based initiative. After which artists shall receive an Official CULTURAL AMBASSADORS Certificate from the Festival stating their Participation and commitment to preserving Cultural Heritage, Conservation and Community.